Booking Confirmation

  1. To confirm your booking, the date and duration of the booking must be finalised and confirmed with full payment.
  1. A refundable security deposit is required to ensure the risks of unforeseen incidences resulting in damages or costs to the venue. In the event that the damages exceed the amount of the deposit, HIGHfive management reserves the right to recover these damages from the Client.

Security Deposit

  1. Security deposit of $800 is required upon booking of the venue, and this can be made in conjuncture with the payment or latest 3 days before the event’s commencement date, It will be returned to the same account/person who make the deposit 1 day after the event commencement date.

Return of the Premises

  1. Basic housekeeping is required before leaving the premises.
  2. All moved furniture are to returned to their original positions.
  3. No heavy stains (This is defined as not being able to be wiped or mopped completely) No lasting damage / odour left in the unit and on its furnishings
  4. Props/decorations set up for the booking required to be taken down, and either kept or disposed.
  5. All rubbish to be bagged and placed inside the bin along the road outside the premises. Please ensure all rubbish bin (including toilets) are litter-free
  6. Ensure all doors are locked upon leaving
  7. All switches to be switch off EXCEPT for switches marked “DO NOT SWITCH OFF”
  8. Please ensure to leave the premises ON TIME, unauthorized extension fees may applies

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. We allow for cancellation/postpone of your event with notice to HIGHfive no less than 45 days from the event date. Please be informed Booking fees will not be refunded but it is allowed to convert into store credits for future bookings (subjected to availabilities) as a result.
  2. There is no expiry on the store credits
  3.  Cancellation of booking is strictly not allowed 45 days or less from the event date, and there would not be any refunds or store credits to be issued.
  4. Security Deposit will be refunded 100% if event is cancelled/postponed at any point of time.


House Rules

Important Notes 1.0:

  1. Pets are not allowed on the premises

  2. No sexual or illegal activities are allowed, and strictly no illegal gambling activities such as poker.

  3. Please treat all facilities with care as any damaged or missing items will be subjected to replacement fees according to the value of the item.

  4. You are welcome to decorate the venue however, please be reminded not to use mounting tape, nails, glue or any form of adhesive that will cause permanent damage to surfaces when removed. Please remove all decoration before leaving the unit.
  5. Please keep all activities within the unit. If a complaint is lodged due to excessive noise, trespass or if the building security or authorities are involved, the deposit will be subjected to be forfeited, per case-by-case basis.

  6. Please do not tamper with the switches or disconnect/connect equipment, otherwise restoration fees will apply accordingly.

  7. Shouting, screaming, excessively loud music, rowdy or violent behaviour is not allowed. Please keep your volume to a reasonable level (such as at a restaurant)

  8. Smoking, use of shisha or e-cigarettes within the unit is strictly not allowed, Smoke detectors are located within the unit. In the event that the smoke detectors are triggered, the deposit may be forfeited due to non-compliance and are liable for any additional damages caused as a result.

  9. The refrigerator available in the premise is only for the purpose of maintaining the temperature of food items.

  10. Kindly leave the premise on time, extensions of booking time must be made latest before the start of the event and approved by HIGHfive. Non approval extension will be considered unauthorized extension.

Important Notes 2.0:

  1. Access to the unit is strictly kept within the timing agreed upon between HIGHfive and Client. In the event that the unit is accessed outside of the agreed stated timing, HIGHfive reserves the right to take this as an extension of booking hours and it will be charged accordingly per the hourly rate.
  1. All the fixtures in the venue are strictly not to be moved at all time except for the tables and chairs at level 1 of the unit, any other arrangements would have to seek approval from HIGHfive prior.
    – TV console are not allowed to move at ALL time
    – All fixtures at level 2 are not allowed to be shifted
  1. All fixtures and items available for use in the venue are strictly not to be used for any other purpose than originally intended.
  1. In the event that items are missing or damaged during the event, HIGHfive reserves the right to recover the total costs of the damages from the Client.
  1. Please check that all doors are securely locked when leaving. In the event of theft or a break in due to access being left open, additional damages incurred will also be recoverable.
  1. Kindly check that all your belongings have been collected prior leaving the premises. HIGHfive is not responsible for any loss or damages sustained as a result of the booking of the event space.
  1. Any damages sustained by the building/Event space from the usage of the space will be liable for repair/cleaning fees. (Eg. caused by vomiting)

  2. HIGHfive reserves the right to tack on an additional heavy duty cleaning charge when necessary to return the unit to its default condition. Some common examples where this may be required are as follows:

– Stains on Fabric/Upholstery
– Deodorising

Violation Charges:

Replacement and Repair Costs:

  • Pool Table Cloth replacement due to Spillage/stains – $450
  • Projector ALR Screen repair/replacement due to Spillage/Stains – $500
  • Laser Projector repair/replacement due to Spillage/Stains – $800
  • Other damaged items will be charged by the item cost
  • Additional Cleaning Fee – $80 – $300 depending on manpower required to clean the space
  • Trash, litter, decors not cleared & not remove from wall – $500
  • Vomiting on any surface – $100
  • Pets in the venue – $250
  • Smoking / Vape in the venue – $150 to $300
  • Lights, Projector and facilities that are required to switch off but not switched off after the event – $80
  • Door not locked after the event – $100
  • Neighbors Complaint or Police intervention – $300

Any unauthorized extension beyond booking time:

  • Weekday 30 mins: $150
  • Weekday 1 hour: $250
  • Weekend 30 mins: $250
  • Weekend 1 hour: $350

The End